I saw Captain America: Civil War last night

Captain America: Civil War

Let me get this out of the way real quick. THERE WILL BE NO SPOILERS HERE. Carry on…

I was fortunate enough to have a great opportunity to view the upcoming Captain America: Civil War on Thursday evening almost a full month before it is scheduled to be released in theaters. My wife actually got the opportunity to accept free passes to the prescreening, but I ended up going alone since she has little interest in the movie and I have become a bit of a junkie when it comes to superhero movies over the past year or so. So, I saw this movie by myself (and I got to sit in a section with just one seat, so I was pretty comfortable).

So, my first impressions…

Oh my goodness, this was good. It honestly was. There are some good things that were shown in the film that were left out of the trailers, which was nice. The new stuff that was not seen already was really well done and you can tell why it had to be left out of the previews and commercials. It was worth it because it made the moment so much more enjoyable.

This is not giving anything away, but this movie introduces the character of Black Panther to the party, and man does he come in ready for action. Because I know very little about the source material, I did not know entirely what to expect, but when Black Panther shows up, he does so in style and he is one bad cat. the film does a good job of giving the character a reason for fighting and sets him up for his future role in the MCU.

And let me say this about the action or fight scenes. They are exhilarating.


One of the big selling points of this movie is the introduction to Spider-Man to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Marvel handled it perfectly. Without giving anything away, I will say they find the right time to introduce the brand new Spider-Man, the perfect way to bring him into the fold using a character we have already come to know in this MCU, and they do not bog you down with an origin story while still managing to give you the basic rundown of who Spider-Man is and why he does what he does. Oh, and this is clearly the funniest Spider-Man we have seen on film. The best part yet? They didn’t overuse Spider-Man so you leave the movie satisfied with what you saw from him and you want to see more. I for one cannot wait to see more of this Spider-Man, because I feel like they finally nailed it with the character.


This is a Marvel movie, so leaving as soon as the credits roll is always frowned upon. That remains true here. There was some talk about multiple post-credits scenes in the line going into the movie, but we only saw one, and it happens a couple minutes into the credits. It is definitely worth it to stick around to watch because it helps offer some closure on one character and gives you a glimpse of what is to come with another. But once that scene is done, you can walk out and go home and start counting down to Doctor Strange.

Note: Might want to consider the possibility Marvel could always add another scene or two to the post-credits agenda with the final released version of the film when it is officially released. Apparently some people seeing an early screening saw no scenes during the credits.


I would recommend making sure you have watched the last Captain America movie, Captain America: Winter Soldier. The story continues to pick up and expand off of what the previous Captain America movie mapped out, so having that knowledge helps. That said, I think this movie does a decent job of providing enough context for someone who has not seen the previous film to have a basic understanding of what is going on.

It also would benefit the viewer to have at least a basic understanding of the relationship between Captain America and Iron Man, which can only be understood by watching the previous Avengers movies. But if you wanted to skip them, know that the two icons have different opinions on some things, and that leads to an argument. Some of the characters that were introduced in the previous Avengers movie are fleshed out a bit more in this film, most notably Scarlett Witch.

Also, if you missed Ant-Man, you may want to catch that when you can.

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