The McGuire Code on Twitch

The McGuire Code is a channel on Twitch devoted to reliving classic games from my past. Join the channel’s community by watching on Twitch to join the chat sessions as I play through some of my favorite games from my youth, attempt to master the games I never finished and exploring the games I never got a chance to experience for one reason or another and more.

Broadcast Schedule:

I am not a full-time streamer, so my streams will be sporadic and based on my schedule. There is no definite streaming schedule at this time due to flexible work hours. Subscribe to The McGuire Code on Twitch to be alerted when the channel goes live. Broadcasts will also be archived for on-demand viewing.

When not broadcasting, I try to make attempts to host other streamers and channels I tend to enjoy and support.


If you want to get away from the Twitch chat, you can also get involved by checking out the Discord server for The McGuire Code. There will be separate rooms for chatting, voice chat as well as announcements and other information for viewers.


All technical specs info can be found here, including affiliate links to select items on Amazon, the homepage for Open Broadcast Software and Internet speed information.

Games Beaten:

Want to see what games have already been taken care of on the stream? A (growing) database can be found here.

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